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Interested in joining the JMAG team?

Interested in joining a team at a fast growing company?

JMAG could be the perfect place for you!

JMag employee sitting in chair at work and showing his coffee mug

Employment Benefits

We treat our employees like family. We offer the best benefits possible so that every employee is taken care of and will enjoy working at JMAG every day!

We understand the importance of planning for the future. We ensure financial security for the long run, by offering a 401K Plan to all of our employees.

We want our employees to be happy and productive. A flexible schedule empowers individuals to better balance their work and personal lives, promoting a healthier work-life integration.

We value the health and wellness of our employees. HRA options provide valuable healthcare support, offering peace of mind when it comes to medical expenses.

We love seeing smiles at work!  As part of the JMAG team, you will have the option of choosing a dental plan that is right for you. 

Whether you wear glasses, contacts, or have tired eyes from the computer screen, we provide a vision plan for you so you can have the eye care that you need!

JMag employee smiling and laughing while at work
JMag employee using computer at work with a headset on to take calls from customers

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