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RTO 101

RTO is a service that makes it easy, convenient, and affordable to satisfy a customer's storage needs.

What is RTO?

We understand the challenges facing shed builders. The market is ripe for consumers needing your building storage solutions, but those same buyers lack access to traditional financing or cash to purchase from you. JMAG, LLC has been involved in the shed industry for over a decade. We founded our company specifically to help shed builders overcome these sales challenges. The solution is Rent-to-Own (RTO).

RTO is a service that connects shed builders to their customers by making it easy, convenient, and affordable from them to satisfy their storage needs.

JMAG RTO process graphic 1

A customer is interested in purchasing a shed from your shed company, but they do not have the necessary funds to buy it and don't want the hassle of a credit check for a loan. Your company needs to be paid immediately so you can keep building and selling sheds.

JMAG RTO process graphic 2

JMAG steps in and will purchase the shed in full from your shed company on behalf of the customer. Your company sells the shed and now has the capital needed to build more sheds and not worry about a monthly payment plan.

JMAG RTO process graphic 3

The customer now enters an agreement with JMAG to make monthly payments on the shed with the option to buy out the agreement early and own the shed. The customer doesn't have to worry about their credit and they can still get the shed that they need.

JMAG RTO process graphic 4

JMAG will treat every customer like family, just like your shed company would want. This keeps the customer happy and satisfied with their decision to purchase a shed through your company with JMAG helping as an RTO partner.

Build Your Business
On Our Dime.

Don't wait to be paid until the building is delivered. Our process provides for quick payment upon completed signed contracts.

Benefits of RTO

Handshake to agree on making JMag a clients RTO partner
  • It enables the shed builder to free up capital to build more sheds.
  • It enables shed builders to close more sales.
  • It increases the consumer base for shed builders.
  • It is not debt for the client, it’s a month-to-month rental agreement.
  • The agreement can be bought out early.
  • It eliminates credit hassle for shed buyers.
  • It allows shed buyers to obtain the storage solutions they need.
  • JMAG makes it easy.


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