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Heritage Portable Buildings

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How Heritage Portable Buildings feels about working with JMAG.

I’m writing to express how Heritage Portable Buildings has greatly benefited from utilizing JMAG’s RTO service, which also spans various other critical areas. JMAG's outstanding customer service, their exceptional team, and their profound knowledge of the shed industry have all significantly contributed to our success. This encompasses their involvement in rent-to-own services, advisory support, collaborative brainstorming for marketing strategies, sales training, and active participation in our dealer support events – all of which exemplify their top-notch service.

JMAG’s customer service consistently stands out as exceptional. Their commitment to promptly and effectively addressing our unique requirements has been instrumental in our growth.

Collaborating with JMAG’s team has been not only productive but also a pleasure. Their team members bring valuable insights, expertise, and a collaborative spirit to every interaction. Their passion for their work is evident, making them a reliable partner in all our endeavors.

JMAG’s profound knowledge of the shed industry has been a cornerstone of our success. Their insights and guidance have empowered us to make informed decisions, anticipate industry trends, and maintain a competitive edge.

Beyond their stellar customer service, exceptional team, and industry knowledge, JMAG has significantly bolstered our market position. Their advisory roles have resulted in more effective marketing strategies, while their sales training has elevated our sales team’s confidence, knowledge, and skill sets. Our partnership with JMAG has also fostered valuable industry connections and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

In summary, JMAG’s partnership has been a catalyst for Heritage Portable Buildings’ growth and achievements. Their excellent customer service, great team, and profound industry knowledge have played pivotal roles in our success.

Heritage Portable Buildings worker taking measurements on wooden board to cut for a shed being built
Heritage Portable Buildings worker making measurements on wood frame for a shed being built

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